Enabling Chain Abstraction on every wallet, every application, every chain.

We're are building Orby, the Chain Abstraction Provider to enable seamless interactions across blockchains via account unification.

Orby is a single integration for every wallet and application to enable a world of true chain abstraction. Upon integration, users can simply pull out their wallets, connect to applications and use all their assets onchain regardless of the underlying chains. Users no longer need to understand the intricacies of different chains, tokens, and virtual machines. Nor learn new tools, onboard to new systems, or migrate assets to various chains.

  • Aggregate accounts across chains: Allow users to see and use all their assets on any chain, removing the hassle of maintaining multiple accounts and navigating complex bridging processes.

  • Extend accounts to new VMs: Allow users to seamlessly operate on new VMs without needing new wallets.

  • Enable gas abstraction: Allow users to pay gas fees with any token across any chain, even when using EOAs.

  • Universal compatibility: Supports all account types (i.e., External-Owned Accounts, Smart Contract Accounts), and account set-ups (i.e., embedded accounts, MPC wallets, etc.), to minimize the need for asset migration or drastic changes to existing user behavior. It does not require migrating assets to new special account systems, handing keys to certain third parties, or locking assets in vaults.

  • Integrate future innovations: Incorporate ongoing advancements in blockchain technology to simplify their adoption for developers and users alike.

Orby consists of multiple parts that work together to deliver chain abstraction. We have the account unification node to compile multi-chain accounts, assets and other chain states; a general-purpose intent protocol to capture users’ intents, fill in the gap, and make sure the necessary state for a successful transaction is reached; and products (i.e. OrbyEngine and OrbyKit) for wallet and DApps to integrate and provide users with seamless user experience:

  • Product: OrbyEngine

  • Product: OrbyKit

  • Infra layer: Account Unification Node

  • Protocol layer: General-Purpose Intent Protocol

You can learn more about us from this blog post.

We are onboarding a limited number of wallets and applications. Please fill out this form if you want access.

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