OrbyEngine is a Smart RPC endpoint

OrbyEngine is a Smart RPC endpoint that brings chain abstraction to wallets, applications and developer tools. It connects to all chains, unifies accounts, and formulates intents to fill in the gaps for user wants. In other words, users make requests, and OrbyEngine figures out how to make them succeed.

More importantly, it also does not require users to move to a new account system or migrate their assets, thereby minimizing the barrier to adoption. All it takes to integrate the OrbyEngine is to swap out your RPC endpoint and change or add a few RPC calls.

The engine empowers developers with a lot of capabilities, including but not limited to:

  1. Universal compatibility and no need for new account systems: Works for account types (i.e., External-Owned Accounts, Smart Contract Accounts), and account set-ups (i.e., embedded accounts, MPC wallets, etc.) removing the need for asset migration or extensive development work.

  2. Million Chains, One Smart RPC Endpoint: Wallets can facilitate complex, interdependent transactions across multiple chains with a singular RPC call.

  3. Unified account state: Provides a unified view for account states across all blockchains for queries and transactions

  4. Supports users to reach DApps on any chain: Enables your users to utilize assets across multiple chains to perform a transaction

  5. Gas abstraction: Allows users to pay gas fee with any token even in EOAs

  6. One-click multi-chain transaction: Executes interdependent multi-chain transactions in one RPC call

  7. Batch transactions: Executes batch transactions in one RPC call

  8. Transaction simulation: Provides before and after views for each transaction

  9. Gas sponsorship: Wallets can configure their system to sponsor gas

  10. Mega easy integration: 4-5 simple steps to integrate it into any wallet

You can learn more from the website and this blog post.

We are onboarding a limited number of wallets and applications. Please fill out this form if you want access.

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