OrbyKit is a Chain Abstraction SDK

OrbyKit is a Chain Abstraction SDK designed to channel the superpowers of the OrbyEngine to applications. It works as a frontend integration that allows applications to provide a native chain-abstracted user experience, regardless of whether the wallet has integrated with OrbyEngine or not.

It allows users to view and utilize assets across multiple chains directly to perform a transaction on the application. All transactions and activities occur within the DApp page, eliminating the hassle of navigating multiple pages and apps for bridging or balance checks. This can not only enhance conversion rates for DApps, but also significantly improve UI/UX.

The SDK offers super easy integration with mainstream wallet connectors, customizable themes, support for both light and dark modes, customizable chain lists, and more. Integration is simple, taking less than 20 minutes, with minimal adjustments required to the DApp's interface. Furthermore, OrbyKit enables users to pay gas fees with any token and allows DApps to opt-in for gas sponsorship. Lastly, the OrbyKit enables DApps to effortlessly bring in users from newly launched chains with little to no engineering effort.

OrbyKit provides applications with:

  • Unified User Accounts: Unify user accounts and allow users to utilize assets from multiple chains to perform transactions.

  • Increased Conversion Rates: Keep users engaged on your DApp without navigating multiple pages and apps for bridging or balance checks.

  • Wider User Reach and Asset Access: Developers can build stress-free on one chain, while OrbyKit extends the DApp’s user reach and attracts assets from various chains.

  • Freedom in Chain Selection: Developers can prioritize technical specifications when choosing chains without worrying about user reach or asset accessibility.

  • Enhanced UI/UX: Maintain a sleek, user-friendly interface with additional gas sponsorship and gas abstraction functionality.

You can learn more from the website.

We are onboarding a limited number of wallets and applications. Please fill out this form if you want access.

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